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Part 1: Forget Social Media, Own Your Audience

It’s no secret that small businesses are among the biggest “losers” regarding social media feeds and search engine algorithms.

I’ve always shied away from offering social media marketing services for small businesses because, without a hefty budget, it’s almost impossible to reach people with “posts” and updates on their websites.

Instead, I always recommend to my clients (and all small businesses) that they find a way to own their audience.

But why? What does that even mean?

To discover its meaning and benefits, we must first explore what we are battling when we lack an audience.

Stop Wasting Time Posting on Social Media…

The advice is everywhere, “Have a business? You need social media.”

Yes, it's important, but it shouldn't be the #1 place to share news about your business.

You spend countless hours taking the perfect photo, editing a short video with trending audio, or writing a witty social media post.
Yet, when you click publish, you’re disappointed with the lack of engagement.

Any engagement is usually reserved for your family members to like or share. So, you start to study the algorithms, the best times to post, and the best content to share.

But it never seems to work.

The problem? Social media platforms are continually adjusting the algorithm to benefit themselves. Your new going-viral algorithm hack isn’t going to work.

Show Them The Money!

Most businesses have become blind to what these social media sites want - money.

They want you to spend money on ads to reach your customers.

So unless you’re comfortable spending hundreds of dollars a month, your posts will continue to fall into empty feeds with low engagement.

Benefits of Owning Your Audience

Instead, your time is best spent crafting a funnel to bring the audience to you.

Establishing an email list (despite how boring it sounds) or an SMS (text) list is crucial in today’s endless ads and marketing channels.

When you have permission to email or text your customers anytime, you own your audience.

Gone will be the days of fighting with algorithms, “best times to post” messages, paid ads, and battling a post about naming Aunt Susie's cat!

You will have instant access to your customer’s inbox or phone anytime.

With this power comes responsibility.

You must craft the right messages at the right time with the right intent.

Here are some tips →

When done right, you can grow your business exponentially.

  • Have a new sale? Email your customer list.
  • Opening a new location? Text your customers to stop by.
  • Launching a new product? Email customers asking them to join the waitlist.

Having a stable line of communication that cannot be interrupted by an algorithm update or paid ads competing in your space allows you to share yourself.

Owning your audience with a direct line to customers will kickstart a growth in loyalty.

Don’t think this works?

Here’s an example.

At my family’s scrap yard, we occasionally close due to winter weather.

With our text list of over 700 customers and over 4,300 email contacts on our list, it makes it easy when we are closed due to weather.

Or when we run a special, we text them to notify them.

Owning an audience in this day and age, when distractions and ads are a dime a dozen, allows you to send a message to your audience about you, for you.

Have a great customer base? Own it.

Share, you.

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