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Published about 1 month ago • 2 min read

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This month, I started reviewing people's websites and providing my first impression of them. Take a look ↓

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Mastering Your Marketing Lists on SMS & Email

The last edition explored the pros and cons of SMS and email marketing. This week, let’s dive into practical strategies to build and nurture your list effectively.

Building Your List

Kickstart Your Lists for Success

Choose Your Platform Wisely: Depending on your audience's preferences, select the right tool for either email or SMS marketing. Remember, personalization starts right from the platform you choose.

Did you miss it? → Pros/Cons of SMS vs. Email

Technical Setup: Use tools (like MailChimp) that integrate seamlessly with your existing website and CRM systems to capture subscriber data automatically.

Getting More Signups

Lead Magnets work well to get them rolling in and have a soft intro. Offer something irresistible:

  • Free resources (guides, ebooks)
  • Discounts or coupons
  • Exclusive access to webinars or events

Best Form Placement: Ensure your sign-up forms are prominently placed across your website—consider the top of the homepage, at the end of blog posts, or as a popup.

In-store Collection: Leverage physical locations for email collection via check-out processes or special in-store events. (read more)

Creating Engaging Content

What should I start sharing?

Rich Email Content: Include visually appealing images, in-depth guides, and interactive elements.

Concise SMS Messages: Keep it short and sweet. They're perfect for alerts, reminders, or exclusive offers. TIP: Most SMS services have character limitations.

Working With...

Slick Text: #1 Rated SMS Marketing Service

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How often should I send?

  • Emails: Bi-weekly or monthly newsletters are a good start. Summarizing your latest updates or features is a good start. Then, you can expand on time-sensitive specials or sales.
  • SMS: Reserve for immediate updates or hot offers that encourage customers to claim that day or week. You want an incentive for a "knee-jerk" reaction from your subscribers to take action.
PRO TIP: Be sure to experiment. Segment your audience and test different frequencies to see what resonates.

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