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6 Questions to Ask Your Google Ads Manager

I've worked with small-medium businesses on their Google Ads accounts since 2013. Over the years, I've realized many Google Ad Managers are out there providing great, quality work while others fall short and make use of "good ones" look bad.

This week, I want to raise a few questions about someone else managing your Google Ads account on your behalf.

Before approaching these questions, I have something to keep in mind. Some businesses know nothing about Google Ads, while others know some basics.

Most businesses do not know the intricacies of Google Ads; therefore, hiring a Google Ads manager is important for their marketing efforts.

TIP: If you are hiring a Google Ads Manager, these questions can help you understand their level of expertise, attention to detail, and experience in managing accounts.

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6 Questions to Ask Your Account Manager

1) Do you use 2FA (2-factor authentication)?

This security setting requires users to verify themselves when signing in and making important changes to the account, such as increasing (or decreasing) the budget or creating new campaigns.

Your Google Ads account should be seen as just as important (or more!) than your email account. The wrong access to your account with a password can be catastrophic for your campaign. Learn more→​

2) Do you restrict the domains allowed?

To ensure the utmost security with your account, your domains for account access must be limited to your own and the manager’s. Similar to the 2FA, restricting domains for user account emails (i.e., @[yourcompany].com) can help prevent new players from joining.

This is especially important if your ads manager works with off-shore or unauthorized users. ​Learn more →​

3) How often do you log into the account?

If daily, great.

If weekly, good.

If bi-weekly, ok.

If monthly, this is a red flag. 🚩

Managers should be checking at least weekly or bi-weekly. Depending on the agreed services, most account managers should be at the least checking in weekly - even if they are viewing the account.

When major changes (keywords, campaigns, ads, etc) are made to the account, they can take 2-6 weeks to take effect. Therefore, some accounts will need to be checked.


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4) Will you be sending reports?

It’s important to know how your account is performing. While you may not be managing it, knowing the manager is scheduling reports is good for keeping an eye on the charts.

Account managers can provide reports in many ways. I like to record videos, share PDF reports from Looker Studio, or send reports with summaries straight from Google Ads.

Regardless, an explanation of how your account is doing should always be shared.

If you do not know what a report means, your account manager should be able to explain it easily.

5) Will we have monthly calls?

Whether your business is seasonal, you're launching new products, or your operations have changed, it's important to have a monthly call or email exchange with your manager.

I like to record and share Loom videos (5-10 minutes) reviewing the latest changes and improvements to the account. I also have a couple of clients with whom I have monthly standing calls to review results and new business initiatives.

6) How are you measuring your success?

Asking your manager what success looks like to them from the beginning helps determine whether they understand your business goals and how they can help achieve them.

Not only will it help you align your business goals with theirs, but it will also give you a floor of measurement for their success and performance. Some ideas include lower costs, higher conversions, or better quality leads.

Your account manager's success should align with your goals.

Have more questions you want to ask?

Regardless of your level of expertise in Google Ads, asking questions when hiring an account manager is important to show you're paying attention to the process.

Be sure to keep these things in mind when you talk to your next account manager.


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