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♻️ 5 branding lessons from my Dad, a scrap yard owner

Hey Reader,

Recently, I wanted to discover what marketing strategies my Dad used in the 1970s and 1980s when he opened Rockaway Recycling, my family's scrap yard - where I am the marketing director today.

My goal was to see what did/didn’t work and how those strategies relate to the ones I use today for the same company.

This Week's Feature ↓

5 Marketing Lessons from my Dad - who started the family business in 1977

How did you identify and reach your target audience without digital tools?

Advertising was always expensive. I acquired two “1-800” numbers and ran them in all my ads.

There was no internet, no texting, no emails, we used fax machines.

My 1-800 fax number allowed people from all over to send me their information. They did not realize I was a small recycling center; they saw my 1-800 number and sent me their information.

Were there any unconventional or unique marketing tactics you tried that worked surprisingly well?

The 1-800 numbers were the hit, and combined with a fax machine, they made my small business appear significantly larger than it actually was.

I also landed a large corporate job, which I kept for twenty years.

Having a large satisfied corporate customer who did not mind giving you excellent references was also very instrumental in growth.

How did you build and maintain relationships with your customers?

Excellent service, prompt payment, and reasonable accommodations were always the way to satisfy and keep customers.

How did your marketing approach evolve as the business grew?

Pay more than the competition, offer free pickups, and fast payment.

I was a more sophisticated version of them (competitors).

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs today about non-digital marketing?

Depending on your target market, your target market might need to be computer literate; ads that have photos of material would always work for me; people can relate to objects they have seen.

What key lessons have you learned from decades of marketing your business that you would like to pass on?

Study while they party — Work while they sleep — Live like they dream.

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