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πŸš€ 3 Tips to Boost Your Business with Texts

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Unlocking the Power of SMS Marketing

Ready to Boost Your Business with SMS Marketing?

Tired of your messages getting lost in crowded inboxes? Let’s face it: SMS marketing is a game-changer.

With a 99% open rate, SMS is the most direct way to reach your audience.

Here are the best strategies to implement SMS marketing effectively:

#1 Start with AN ALL-STAR OFFER


  • Discount Codes: Offer 10-15% off instantly upon sign-up. It’s an effective strategy to entice customers.

Service-Based Businesses:

  • Loyalty Programs: Implement a rewards program where customers earn discounts, coupons, or free products/services with frequent visits.
  • Food Industry: Provide a free item or a significant discount on their next purchase.
Key Takeaway: The initial offer should be compelling enough to make customers comfortable sharing their phone numbers.

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Frequency and Timing:

  • Balance is Key: Avoid overwhelming your customers. Tailor the frequency based on your business type and customer preferences.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Adjust your campaigns based on holidays and your business’s seasonal trends.


  • Holiday Promotions: Send out 20-25% off coupons during holidays. Limit the offer to the first 20 customers to create urgency.
  • Mid-Summer Sales: Take inspiration from Amazon's Prime Day to boost sales during typically slow periods like in the summer.

Service-Based Businesses:

  • Seasonal Services: Promote seasonal services; an example could be discounted rates for "spring sprinkler activation" for a plumbing company.
  • Event-Based Offers: Use holidays or local events to offer special promotions.


Regular Updates:

  • New Products or Services: Inform customers about new product lines or menu additions.
  • Company News: Share exciting updates or milestones to keep your audience engaged and feeling connected.

Tips for Engagement:

  • Personalization: Use customer data (first name, birthdays) to personalize messages, increasing relevance and engagement.
  • Feedback Requests: Encourage customers to provide feedback to foster a sense of involvement and improve your offerings.


Reduced Reliance on Algorithms:

SMS vs. Email: With emails often getting lost in crowded inboxes, SMS ensures your message is received and read.

Customer Loyalty: Building a direct line of communication enhances customer loyalty and fosters a stronger relationship.

Implementing these SMS marketing strategies can help you connect with your audience more effectively, yielding better results with minimal effort.

Embrace SMS marketing as a forward-thinking approach to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a strong, direct connection with your customers.

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β€” Virginia, The Full-Stack Marketer

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